Monday, July 11, 2005

so what's this

Indeed another whining or is it just these issues that leave me on the edge of my chair and I simply have to complain .Today its about the authors. Oh yes! you know about them, just before they go on to share their stories there's this part called the 'dedication or acknowledgements' that in my opinion hasn't been very well utilised by most of them.Ever read one dedication that simply left you feeling a bit out of place not to mention slightly abashed by its content that borders the explicit?Certainly you have.Some of these guys imagine the dedication is another chance to appreciate their loved one ou bien their very cherished significant other.Really who cares whether the writer has 'a dear, most adored wife or some 'forever beautiful gal friend called FLO?'As if that's not enough some are even more revealing and all the more infuriating such as these: 'to my husband with whom I share the warmest bed in all seasons'.Just what are we supposed to think?
For most of us,at least those like me, literature does occupy a special place in our hearts.I am never in loss of words to compliment any good piece, but certainly cheap gossip and that kind of busy body talk are not at all part of my favourites.So when I set my mind to read and enjoy, leave alone offer my share of very academic criticism to a piece, I rarely want to know how many 'lovely wives' ou bien 'very cherished sweethearts' someone has.Honestly should that really be my priority?
In my opinion these writers should actually dedicate their work to their 'dear readers' who despite all the mistakes and intricate expressions, have spared their time to fathom and appreciate the writer's, line of thought.The love notes and marshy expressions could be done quite safely in their bedrooms.No don't get me wrong, I also have lot's of people to whom I owe so much, much more than what our favourite writer does to his 'tres chic and amazingly patient queen of a wife' but really do I say?Let's get professional and more appropriate.Thats all really I feel I have relieved my heart.And this is dedicated with most sincerity to 'all who would spare their time to please read of my thoughts'.'Much love'.....and there....look who's talking? so I 'll say lots of thanks.


Blogger B said...

LOL..I also wonder about that. I guess if my spouse was writing a book, it would make me feel way better if I saw some kinds words, for my benefit, permanently engraved like so in 'the eternity' of a book cover. I guess they do it for vanity, or to win points with someone, or maybe they really did get some help from that beautiful person. I just came across your blog. Enjoy your writing stlye.


11:44 AM  
Blogger Milonare said...

It's like those guys who tuma salaams...
You can't fault a brother for trying to earn some brownie points...

12:17 AM  
Blogger prickypicks said...

thanks guys,only maybe they should make it more general and applicable to all of us....?

7:47 AM  

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