Saturday, July 23, 2005

Once an eagle

Odd title that?I could say the same. Now do not dismiss it too fast, it is in fact a quote,quite a sensible one, the kind that gets one thinking.

Goes like this:
'Once an eagle examined the shaft of an arrow,and after a while he looked up and said,"Indeed it's by our own feathers that we are smitten."'
As simple as it is, this quote got me thinking.They never use foreign stuff to harm us,those who eventually do.No.It's never too far fetched. If you must know,it is just what you are; what comprises you,a part of your own self.It's never an object of too much thought.It could be that weakness of yours,or even your best strength; that makes the best and ready substrate to get you caged.Ever thought of it?Now take a while to refresh your memory ....Not very pleasant,d'accord, none of us finds it very interesting.Situations like these are many.Remember the day they got you trapped in a difficult choice because of your greed for cheap popularity?,or even how they messed up your last relationship coz they knew your Achilles heel?Oh yeah, that insecurity you keep fighting with,they knew just how to get round you.The correct button went flashing and they knew just when to press.You fell head long for the trick.You were ready for your,hitherto cherished partner's,neck declaring the relationship over,not to mention taking to another one,in a quick rebound attempt. Baby,think again.
Just what is the basis of divide and rule?Nothing more than cheap lies to create divisions by stratifying a people.You've been friends for so long,your differences were never an issue;you always had a healthy way to deal with them.Suddenly a stranger comes with that poison that makes your former buddies look like 'some crude bunch of hopeless hangers on',for whom you have little need of. Reason?You are suddenly so much higher than them and you don't care anymore.Slowly you become easy prey for the skilled ones and you get lost.After a while,the stranger gets you sapped up and of course,sooner or later gets to leave you alone,spent and tired.
This stuff happens everyday,families have split over such childish sounding little schemes;performed on the innocent by the clever of this world.Ever been conned on basis of 'in good faith'? Encore,it's just that little aspect of 'inherent goodness' that got you in.Sorry,we keep learning.
Certainly it's okay to have good qualities, ambitions and dreams but watch out not to fall prey of another's evil schemes,just out of unguarded ambition,wanton desire or the plain agony that is innocence.The harder guys are watching and well,'its by our own feathers that we are smitten'. Stay guarded my guy, someone could be feasting on that vulnerable spot you knew nothing about.'Know thyself',really there's no greater defense.Fly higher and faster like the eagle does.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Oliver asks for more!

That was one courageous guy...You heard them say didn't you?Yes he did it under duress,fear and pain. The big boy had actually threatened to do the unthinkable, indeed he had meant it. From the look on his face, one could see he wasn't jesting. He was for real; the hunger had been too much it had driven him crazy it had awoken the animal in him. Just the sight of him was enough to invoke terror and command unquestioning obedience from the other boys. He had done it before, in many ways pushing at the bathroom ,jumping the queue and literally bullying the other boys,who had borne it with many an unuttered groan and cursing. But this was too much, the agony of their imaginations was sending them nuts. The thought of pouring real red blood and feasting on some queer tasting flesh of one of them, by the big old bully was just more than their guts could stomach.They surveyed the room; their bowels bulging and receding with the pain of indecision. Just who would brave it?All of them knew something had to be done, but just how to do it was their dilemma. Strange acrid dryness must have spread into their mouths as they struggled with their own lack of courage, they must have wept within themselves at the helplessness of their plight. Really who would save them?.
Then out of nowhere the tiny little Oliver, the object of their bullying and teasing but with an amazing courage that nature and necessity had conferred on him,lifts his tawny frame, haunted by hunger, mistreating and sheer pain and actually does the undoerble and reaches out for MORE.Even the server is shocked his tureen and ladle dangerously hanging lose from his grip.Just who was this new breed, branded with a daredevil resolve?That night everyone would go home thinking and rethinking. Change was imminent, thanks to tiny Oliver.
Just like Oliver, many of us wish for more.Every night when we utter silent groans of discontent ,frustration and disgruntledness, like the boys we hope that somehow things may change. We push our mettle just a little more in a bid to cope.At times we agree to be beat down by the norm; you know 'this is the way stuff has been so who am I to change it?'Other times we exploit others' courage by threatening them to do things we'd never do,like in Oliver's case. A tired boss sends his junior to 'ask for more' by ordering him to perform an impossible task, a parent buries his head in the sand and hope his child will survive the odds somehow or would cast the blame on the poor thing, a victim of his own faults.The list is endless, you know.
In the end however I'd challenge each one of us to dare 'to ask fore more' in their lives, jobs ,academics and relationships remember like in Oliver's case, it is never a smooth sailing when one dares to ask for more .

Monday, July 11, 2005

so what's this

Indeed another whining or is it just these issues that leave me on the edge of my chair and I simply have to complain .Today its about the authors. Oh yes! you know about them, just before they go on to share their stories there's this part called the 'dedication or acknowledgements' that in my opinion hasn't been very well utilised by most of them.Ever read one dedication that simply left you feeling a bit out of place not to mention slightly abashed by its content that borders the explicit?Certainly you have.Some of these guys imagine the dedication is another chance to appreciate their loved one ou bien their very cherished significant other.Really who cares whether the writer has 'a dear, most adored wife or some 'forever beautiful gal friend called FLO?'As if that's not enough some are even more revealing and all the more infuriating such as these: 'to my husband with whom I share the warmest bed in all seasons'.Just what are we supposed to think?
For most of us,at least those like me, literature does occupy a special place in our hearts.I am never in loss of words to compliment any good piece, but certainly cheap gossip and that kind of busy body talk are not at all part of my favourites.So when I set my mind to read and enjoy, leave alone offer my share of very academic criticism to a piece, I rarely want to know how many 'lovely wives' ou bien 'very cherished sweethearts' someone has.Honestly should that really be my priority?
In my opinion these writers should actually dedicate their work to their 'dear readers' who despite all the mistakes and intricate expressions, have spared their time to fathom and appreciate the writer's, line of thought.The love notes and marshy expressions could be done quite safely in their bedrooms.No don't get me wrong, I also have lot's of people to whom I owe so much, much more than what our favourite writer does to his 'tres chic and amazingly patient queen of a wife' but really do I say?Let's get professional and more appropriate.Thats all really I feel I have relieved my heart.And this is dedicated with most sincerity to 'all who would spare their time to please read of my thoughts'.'Much love'.....and there....look who's talking? so I 'll say lots of thanks.