Sunday, January 22, 2006

Its my life

You have it right; a teenage gal bangs the door at the seemingly overprotective mother,an undergraduate throws the words after being quizzed on missing class... the list is endless.All the above are rebels of sorts, renagades, a people eager for a new way that detaches from the convention.They are strong characters but often playing the wrong part.
In more common settings the popular notion comes in handy when dealing with the negative. It only reflects the determination of the 'rebel' to depart from the norm, to stand out and speak his mind often contrary to the teaching of those before him.While rebellion may not always be wrong we often catch ourselves pinching our noses at these people, telling them its only a matter of time before they get back to the real world.We are naturally against the strength of their character because it goes a long way to display our own failure to revolt against the norm.We hate to see ourselves as prisoners of an unknown system whose ideals we do not necessarily concur with.Our submission to this rule is therefore exposed by the more daring folk, whose often open and provocative defiance to a norm none of us could dare question leaves us totally uneasy.
However in our world today independent thinking is a prerequisite.Greatness is a very lonely road that only very few have travelled.History is made by those who have dared to step out of their shoes.It does little good for one to try to fit in a box when they were made to fill a whole house.
For the great thinkers however, zeal without knowledge is extremely dangerous.Most of us have the fiber and what it takes to attain our mark and show a new way, only we lack the character.Its the case of a good actor taking the wrong role.It doesn't have to be a reckless course that defines us.We can stand up for a higher calling instead.
Let's think of charting a new way that has a positive contribution, desire to improve ourselves and others.Indeed we could work longer hours,visit the sick, make up with our enemies or do some voluntary service.All to prove that it's our life.
Always remember its your life ,put it into good use!