Monday, May 15, 2006

Once bitten twice shy, twice as wise or forever smitten.

in life they say one takes their pick and while getting bitten is not so much of an option, at least for those who want to live their lives fully, how one takes the bite is entirely one's own choice.
taking the bite bravely does not mean ridiculously pretending that it doesn't hurt because it certainly does hurt, that's why it is a bite,however acknowledging pain and choosing to be positive about it is a plus for any self respecting person.
The three attitudes above are seen everyday in different people. A little description of the three is as follows:
twice shy
This is the typical attitude of a child who was scolded for its size, looks or accent.See such things very few of us can change and for the extremely sensitive child the taste they leave in the mind is that of an everlasting, indelible sourness that even time cannot erase. As we grow older we go on fighting these unknown deep seated fears and memories that we can never face directly and hence we are in a constant shadow fight with ourselves. Soon it becomes okay to let our selfesteem be bogged and crushed unless we get courageous enough to revive and heal that little hurting child in a rational other than emotional manner.
twice as wiseNow this is the attitude of a born winner trained in self compassion and an outstanding belief in himself.Its all about knowing one's intrinsic self worth and refusing to surrender it to failure, rejection or fear. It requires a solid relationship with one's Maker and it calls us to see the bigger picture. Everything is seen as a lesson for one's improvement, a blessing though often in disguise. It is a winner's attitude.
forever smitten
Now this one is for the unfortunate one who just believes the world is all against him. Its that jilted lover that can never love again or that bright student that can not make his grade again. Unless quickly counselled such people end up self destructing with no one to hold on to.

A positive attitude is not so much merely chanting self glorifying adages, but it is a thorough inspection, internalizing and implementation of the Truth that sets us free. The Truth is there, almost always too good and too big to be true but with God's Grace even the faintest of hearts can be the winner. If only we learnt to surrender and chose to learn of Him.
So today you still have a choice take it.